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Square Cup Black Painting Carry Bag Terracotta Clay

Square Cup comes with some graffiti of black painting with a carry bag.
Product Details
-> Six pieces Of Clay Square Black Painting Cup -> These products made up of pure Indian Terracotta Clay without any chemical process. -> It is reusable and easy to wash. -> Feel the difference in taste while drinking from Square clay Cup. -> Clay adds natural sweetness to tea/coffee.
5-6 Days Delivery From Shipping Date Guarantee By Workmanship

Square Water Jug Black Painting 4LTR Terracotta Clay

Square Water Jug made with some graffiti of Black Painting and capacity of 4Litres and made up of pure Indian Terracotta Clay.
Product Details
-> Square Water Jug -> Capacity Of 4 Litres -> Clay Square Water Jug keeps water cool and hygiene. -> This Jug is made up of quality material that gives you fresh feel each time you drink.

Square Donga Glass Lid Terracotta Clay (2Ltrs-3Ltrs)

Square Donga Glass Lid is available in two variant 2litres and 3litres.
Product Details
->2 Litres Square Donga Glass Lid. ->3 Litres Square Donga Glass Lid. ->It is made up of pure Indian clay which is rich in minerals and is harvested from particular areas. ->There are no chemicals added during manufacturing. ->Use our square donga to store or serve nutritious meals that come with great taste. ->It can be reusable and easy to wash.